Thriving Communities


A business voice for communities where everyone thrives

Communities where all can thrive is good for business, good for employees and good for Colorado.

Colorado is the best place in America to work, live and play. Thriving communities are ones where everyone has opportunities – able to find affordable housing, live in a safe neighborhood, have access to transportation and their civil rights are respected.

As business owners, we know that the success of our businesses depends on the health of the communities in which we operate – and where our employees live and our customers shop. Right now, Colorado is experiencing explosive growth that is fraying many of our communities – housing prices are out of reach for so many, traffic is impossible and racism and discrimination continue to be troubling problems.

Good Business Colorado is the responsible business voice for thriving communities, ready to advocate for local, state and federal policies that build healthy places for business and people:


Affordable Housing

Housing prices in Colorado are unattainable for too many, making it difficult for businesses to attract and retain employees. Many working families need to earn higher wages in order to afford safe, decent housing. Even well-established middle class families are struggling to make rent and mortgage payments, sometimes leading to eviction and even homelessness. We support policies that will increase the ability of everyone to find affordable, safe housing close to their workplace.


Not only do businesses depend on employees being able to get to work safely and on time, but brick and mortar stores and service providers alike are reliant on customers being able to make it to their places of business.  While progress has been made, there is much to be done to make transportation in Colorado safer, cleaner and more affordable. We support policies that promote efficient and multi-modal public transportation systems.


Colorado’s public education system is the foundation of building a strong workforce and society of responsible and engaged citizens. We support policies that elevate early childhood education, K-12, vocational training, community colleges and universities so everyone has the opportunity to contribute to Colorado’s future and advance their own future.

Civil Rights

In Colorado, everyone has the right to be treated equally, period. We support policies seeking to end discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification and expression, disability and other characteristics.