Sustainable Environment


A business voice for public lands, renewable energy and clean air & water

A sustainable environment is good for business, good for employees and good for Colorado.

Colorado – from our grand mountaintops to the rolling plains – is the best place in America to work, live and play. Employers and employees are united in appreciating Colorado’s public lands and clean air and water so we can hike, bike, fish, hunt and ski with our family, friends and coworkers.


As business owners, we understand that recruiting the nation’s best talent depends on preserving our clean air, pristine water and diverse public lands for outdoor recreation. It is critical to promote a sustainable environment  to maintain our competitive business advantage so that we continue to be one of the most attractive places for businesses to launch or relocate.

Good Business Colorado is the responsible business voice for a sustainable environment, ready to advocate for local, state and federal policies that focus on Colorado’s long-term environmental sustainability:

Public Lands

Colorado’s economy depends on preserving our public lands. More than 70% of Coloradans participate in outdoor recreation and that industry alone generates $28 billion in economic activity, as visitors from all of the country and world came to experience life in the Rockies. And many industries point to Colorado’s “work-hard-all-week and play- hard-in-the-mountains-on-the-weekends” ethos as a key employee recruitment tool. GBC supports policies to protect public lands for our economy, our employees and our communities.

Clean Air & Water

Our air is not as clean as you think – both Denver and Fort Collins rank among the 15 worst U.S. cities, according to the American Lung Association. Not only does air pollution mask our beautiful mountain vistas, it also contributes to a high number of missed work and school days for the one out of 12 adults and children struggling with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Similarly, clean water is one of our most crucial resources.  When our water is polluted it is not only devastating to the environment, but also to human health. GBC supports policies to promote clean water and air, including minimizing vehicle, power plant and oil & gas operations emissions.

Renewable Energy

Not only does renewable energy promote clean air and public health, but it also provides a growing source of good-paying jobs. With recent investment, technological innovation and increased production in wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and others, Colorado is leader in the industry, growing the economy, diversifying power sources and stabilizing volatile fuel prices. GBC supports policies to boost the responsible expansion of renewable energy production in Colorado.